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Since 2007 ATX Environmental Solution provides a full range of gas abatement system services to various facilities. Especially we are highly specialized in HVAC installation of “Class A” “Class B” commercial office, retail, clean rooms, public institution, mixed use, warehouse and industrial facility construction/renovation. Our company operates with a philosophy that is 100% relationship based that facilitates a positive, team oriented and successful business environment. We strive to build on existing relationships while creating new relationships and new opportunities. We provide responsible pre-construction budgeting and planning services. Our exceptional management and supervision teams create superior work environments that facilitate productivity and timely delivery of every size project.

Process Mechanical Systems

• Toxic Gas Delivery Systems
• Acid Exhaust
• DI Water Systems
• Clean Room HVAC
• Clean Room Air Filtration Systems
• PCW Systems
• Gas Abatement Systems
• Bulk Gas & Chemical delivery systems
• Microelectronics Equipment Installation

HVAC / Sheet Metal

•  AHU Installation
•  Commercial HVAC Installation
•  HVAC Ductwork
•  Ventilation and Exhaust
•  Hoods
•  VAV Systems
•  Commercial Sheet Metal
•  Industrial Sheet Metal
•  Custom Fabrication

Industrial Mechanical

•  Boilers

•  Water Heaters

•  Scrubbers

•  Pumps

•  Chillers

•  Cooling Towers

•  Tank and Vessel Installation

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