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SteraMist Advantages

Discover the benefits of using advanced SteraMist technology.

Move-in Disinfection

Moving soon? From potential buyers and their agents to contractors, homes on the market see a lot of foot traffic before they are sold.

Coronavirus Can Survive Up To 28 Days

According to a new study published in the Virology Journal, the Coronavirus can survive on some surfaces for up to 28 days.

Steramist vs Manual Cleaning Methods

The US is averaging more than 46,000 new Covid-19 cases each day this week -- up 12% from last week and more than doubling from June. With Coronavirus-related restrictions eased in most states(fully lifted in some), experts fear that it will only get worse as cooler weather approaches limiting gatherings to indoors.

Preparing For The Twindemic

Fall is here which means flu season is also upon us. For the last few months, experts have been warning about the possibility of a "twindemic", or the overlap of the seasonal flu epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 On Construction Sites

Studies have found that SARS-CoV-2 can remain viable for hours or days depending on the surface material. Surfaces within construction sites come in contact with numerous workers of different trades each day which can increase the likelihood of hazardous cross-contamination and result in employee absences and project delays.

Mask Disinfection For Reuse

In response to N95 mask shortages in healthcare settings,Tomi Environmental Solutions--the manufacturer of SteraMist--has submitted an application to the FDA for emergency use authorization of SteraMist to disinfect masks for reuse.

Texas School Reopening

A photo of a crowded hallway at a Georgia high school caught the nation's attention a month ago when the state reopened its schools without a mask mandate. More than a thousand students and faculty members were quarantined just a few days after the reopening and caused some school districts close again.

SteraMist and Food Safety

According to the CDC, more than 48 million people in the US get sick each year from foodborne diseases. Tomi Environmental Solutions, the manufacturer of SteraMist, is committed to better protect our public health and food supply through their Food Safety Division.

How Steramist® Works

Initially developed with the US Department of Defense in response to the weaponized anthrax attack in 2001 and used to contain the Ebola outbreak in 2015, SteraMist® is the first EPA registered solution + equipment combination that provides the unique technology of hydrogen peroxide ionization for Hospital-Healthcare Disinfecting.

ACC Police Department Vehicle Disinfection

ATX Environmental Solutions disinfected 15 patrol cars of the Austin Community College Police Department this week. We hope our complimentary service provides a peace of mind to the officers as they get ready to welcome back students for the fall semester.

Austin-based company is giving back to frontline workers

ATX Environmental Solutions was once again featured on a local news for our free vehicle disinfection program for healthcare workers and first responders.


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