Texas School Reopening

A photo of a crowded hallway at a Georgia high school caught the nation's attention a month ago when the state reopened its schools without a mask mandate. More than a thousand students and faculty members were quarantined just a few days after the reopening and caused some school districts close again.

The new school year has officially started in Central Texas this week and thousands of students were back in school for in-person learning. Different school districts have adopted different reopening models for their students. For example, some districts are brining students back in phases starting with those who need in-person learning the most and some have chosen a hybrid learning model where students can choose to physically attend the school either two or three days of the week. Learning from Georgia's mistake, Texas Education Agency is requiring all students over the age of 10 to wear a mask as well as practice social distancing whenever possible.

In addition to wearing masks and social distancing, the CDC recommends maintaining healthy environments through cleaning and disinfection using products that meet EPA disinfection criteria.

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Sources: CDC,Texas Education Agency

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