Steramist vs Manual Cleaning Methods

The US is averaging more than 46,000 new Covid-19 cases each day this week -- up 12% from last week and more than doubling from June. With Coronavirus-related restrictions eased in most states(fully lifted in some), experts fear that it will only get worse as cooler weather approaches limiting gatherings to indoors.

If you come in contact with a person who has the virus or if your office or place of business has a positive case, don't take a chance. Reduce the risk of an outbreak by choosing a disinfection treatment that effectively and efficiently kills the Coronavirus.

ATX Environmental Solutions exclusively uses SteraMist, an ionized hydrogen peroxide disinfection technology that provides fast-acting biological six lox reduction against pathogens while leaving no residue or noxious fumes.

Here is how SteraMist compares to manual disinfection using conventional cleaners:

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